Slide Air pollution kills an estimated
seven million people worldwide every year
"Yakɔkoe is a mobile application that provides subscribers with knowledge on air quality in
their regions (where our sensors are installed), advice on the health implications of air quality
based on the USA Air Quality Index (AQI) in near real-time, provide history of air quality
using the AQI, provides information on best available route for road users based on current AQI,
nearest Ghana EPA office and public health centre."
Introducing Yakokoe
Slide The right to clean air begins with us

history & who we are

CAOA (Clean Air One Atmosphere) was conceptualised in 2017 during the first year of a Ghanaian PhD student at Cranfield University,
UK having identified huge gaps in air quality research and pollution mitigation in
Ghana typical of similar settings in wider Africa.
The organisation comprises three males, a female secretary and several volunteers. It is registered
under the laws of Ghana with the registration number CG005162018
CAOA is a small group using citizen science to revolutionise AQ monitoring with LCS in #Africa.
The right to CLEAN AIR begins with us.

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Contact Us:
Tel: +233 – 553- 003 – 455
Addresses: Plot 4 VRA Block, PV Obeng Roundabout, Community 3 – Tema, Ghana